Rob DuBois

Rob DuBois is a professional speaker, terrorism adviser, and part-time actor who was once labeled a “smart power authority” while assisting multinational forces in Baghdad. He is a retired Navy SEAL with operational experience in thirty-six countries.

Rob is the author of “Powerful Peace; A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War” and the forthcoming “Impact Manual,” intended to help individuals and teams stop making stupid choices and start making a difference.

He is currently featured in the National Geographic groundbreaking documentary 
on the attempt of a human “Herd” to 
cross the Tanzanian Serengeti on foot. The “MYgrations” series premiered May 23, 2016 on the National Geographic Channel.

Rob has provided expert commentary on BBC International, Fox News Radio, and Al Jazeera America, and his articles on security assurance and cultural competency appear in The Counterterrorist magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, and elsewhere.

He is the Washington, DC Director of the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs, and is periodically invited to Capitol Hill to advise members of Congress on the importance of foreign assistance as a national security initiative. He speaks Russian, Turkish, and very poor Arabic.

Rob has presented his “Think Like the Threat” workshop to military units during combat operations in Fallujah, Fortune 500 companies, and intelligence agencies including the National Counterterrorism Center.

His acting credits include AMC Network “Turn: Washington’s Spies,” National Geographic Channel “American Genius,” and the world’s first virtual reality film, “Snake River Heist.”

Rob is the founder of Impact Actual in Washington, DC, and works anywhere on Earth.