DOJ Office a Biden Tool to Harass, Then End US Energy Industry

The Biden administration continues to aggressively convert centers of federal government power into extensions of progressive Democratic Party policy, and do so without regard to the long-term damage this will cause to our Republic.

The latest the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) power grab, the creation of the Environmental Justice Office, follows U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland's weaponization of the FBI to investigate parents who dare to stand up and express their opinion to school boards regarding "woke" agendas.

The climate crisis movement has exaggerated and made for purposes of enrichment and promotion of a false environmental narrative. But enforcing laws related to these true environmental challenges are not the focus of this new DOJ office.

The creation of this office is in addition to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board, an entity which will determine — using the governments massive resources — the truth that the government will choose to enforce, via its law enforcement tools.

At DOJ, there already exists an office that manages and coordinates the executive branch environmental and natural resources litigations: it's the Environmental and Natural Resources Division.

This particular office appears to focus on the rule of law and actual litigation, and does so effectively.

So then, why would Team Biden need to create an Environmental Justice Office?

The answer?

The office is designed to effect outcomes” by injecting woke social justice and Marxist ideals: those of redistribution and control of energy, via the DOJ, into the full spectrum of U.S. society.

This DOJ office will target all dissent regarding the progressive lefts "green" energy agenda, employing criminal investigations and penalties to freeze real scientific discourse and speech.

Apocalyptic 2019 claims by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D - N.Y., that the world is going to end in 12 years” are insane, yet it's this insanity the new DOJ department will (re)cast as policy, then used to launch criminal investigations and prosecutions.

The progressive left is using man-made generation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as their bogey-man for what they claim is an environmental crisis.”

Let's remember, CO2 is plant food.

Imagine longer growing seasons, greater production of crops to feed the world with more CO2. These actual benefits to be gained by effective use of CO2 are not on the agenda of the progressive left.

Fossil fuel is the greatest source of man-made CO2 and therefore the target of the lefts efforts to enact their green agenda,” a plan that even Michael Moore demonstrates in his movie Planet of the Humans” does nothing to protect the environment, and shows the movement to be disingenuous to the point of being fraudulent.

The Environmental Justice Office office will work to cement Orwellian terms and faux science to create the appearance of crisis.”

Only 0.03% of the Earths atmosphere is CO2, and mans contribution to naturally occurring CO2 by natural sources is a small fraction.

In reality man-made CO2 emissions have been flat and even declining; facts youll never hear, read, or see coming from the mainstream media.

Rather, what you'll receive is hyper-progressive-propaganda that CO2 levels are critical. 

This purported CO2 danger is then hyper-exaggerated by using Parts Per Million (PPM) to cause panic in the public.

The "crisis" is artificial and lacks any real scientific basis.

So, if you follow the science it upends their own climate crisis” narrative.

The ultimate objective of the green movement, and by extension the Biden administration, is to destroy the fossil fuel industry as well as U.S. energy independence.

The new DOJ Environmental Justice Office will take the progressive lefts factually false narrative, ignore real science, and use the federal weight of criminal investigations to destroy those who seek to use science to bring sanity and rational thought to this debate.

Climate change has been extant since the Earth cooled from its molten state some 4.5 billion years ago. Yet, the progressive left ignores geologic history, because that undermines their arguments about mans purported impacts on climate.

There are real environmental challenges that face the United States and exist globally.

The extensive use of plastics has polluted the environment and endangered wildlife.

This new office will only serve to enhance the apocalyptic ravings of progressive politicians and further distract the nation from identifying and working to solve real environmental and pollution challenges.

The Environmental Justice Office is the latest of government bureaucracies weaponized by the left to target, harass, and eventually prosecute any individual, institution, or business refusing to support Team Biden's efforts to destroy our U.S. energy industry.

Congress must act now to end the Environmental Justice Office before it finishes off independent scientific research and a prevents the much-needed return to U.S. energy independence.