The dangers of revisionist history...

The article titled “Let’s Tell the Whole Truth” is designed to create a narrative. Dr. Valerie Batts echoes a Democrat narrative to obscure history, facts and truth. The “Big Lie” being presented is the idea that remembering the past as it was, not how the left wants it to be, is ‘racist.’ The Civil War was horrendous. The loss of life terrible. The sacrifice of the North to achieve victory and eliminate slavery was staggering. Union victory over the Confederacy decisive.

This is what we must remember, and this is what the Civil War statue in Edenton is – a reminder. Men like Lawrence Joshua Chamberlain, the colonel who defended Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg and was gravely injured (who died from his wounds in 1914, noted to be the last casualty of the Civil War) worked to heal the wounds of the veterans of both the North and South after the war. Much work was done in the early 20th century to recognize and reintegrate the solders of both sides into a normal life to heal. Eventually, Congress recognized all civil war solders as veterans. Today’s Democrats want to delete these facts. They are working, just as they did in 1861, to divide.

There are monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefield that note both the Blue and Gray soldiers. No rational person believes the monuments to the soldiers of the battle would believe that there is racist connotation to their existence. It’s just history. These monuments remain are a reminder that the Democrats failed to deny slaves of their rights and freedoms. Despite the south’s defeat in 1865, the Democrat party worked to continue to deny former slaves the full rights and benefits of being citizens of the Republic well into the 20th century; an inconvenient (for the democrats) fact.

Privacy - Terms The Civil War monument in Edenton is to honor the fallen of North Carolina. It is not a monument to the Confederacy or the institution of slavery. Quite the opposite. Democrats are now working to delete, hide and revise the history of their party’s roots of racism. It was the Southern Democrats who created conditions for the Civil War by refusing to end slavery.

We cannot allow modern Democrats to rewrite and “edit” their attempting to leave the Union and maintain slavery. I don’t know anyone who believes “slavery wasn’t so bad” as Dr Batts states in her editorial. It was a horrific institution the Republicans, using the Union Army, fought a war to end. The Republican Party was founded on the concept of freedom – President Lincoln stood fast, against Democrats constantly seeking to end the war and allow the South go its own way and keep slavery. Lincoln did not give in – nor should we now regarding historic fact. The Civil War monument in Edenton that honors the Civil War dead and reminds us of the total defeat of the Confederacy. It is exactly where is should be and must remain as a reminder of the past.