About London Center

The London Center for Policy Research (LCPR) has been organized to engage in research on the key policy issues of our time: national security, energy, and risk analysis.

It is the mission of this Center to challenge conventional wisdom where appropriate, add texture to the current deliberations on policy issues and build support for positions that further the national interest and the interest of key allies.

To advance the goals of the Center we propose to:

  • Engage in a global mapping project in order to index "hot spots" and indicate strategies for mitigation.
  • Provide strategies and tactics to manage chaos, which may be the key to our national future.
  • Promote the relationship between energy needs and foreign policy at a time when energy independence may soon be possible
  • Create and build an accredited foreign policy center for the next generation of policy makers.
  • Influence policy decisions in the Congress that enhance U.S. stature and its strategic position.


Herbert I. London
Founder (1939-2018)

London Center Leadership

Anthony Shaffer